Cordless Chainsaws

EGO ChainsawsEGO Chainsaws
Ego Power+ brushless motor chainsaws for longer life. Tool free chain tensioning. Auto lubrication system. Oil inspection window. Durable Oregon bar and chain
Bosch Cordless ChainsawsBosch Cordless Chainsaws
Bosch Cordless powerful Li-ion chainsaws.
Cobra Cordless ChainsawsCobra Cordless Chainsaws
Cobra 40v Li-ion cordless chainsaws.
Mountfield Cordless ChainsawsMountfield Cordless Chainsaws
Mountfield Cordless Chainsaws form part of the Freedom 48 cordless range of gardening tools where one battery will fit all the products. These items are sold by the manufacturers without a charger or battery, which are sold seperately, but if you have bought the Cordless Princess 34 Li or 38 Li lawnmower, then you will have 2 batteries and a charger that are interchangeable with these products.