Leaf Blowers And Vacs

Garden Vacs And Blowers

Small, medium or large gardens can enjoy the widest range of leaf vacs and blowers whether you are looking for electric, petrol or battery powered.
When its time to get rid of those leaves then look no further than Mower Express for the choice of home or industrial garden vacs and blowers. For the larger estates and gardens or for professional users then Billy Goat blowers and vacs will blow you away.
Billy Goat Force BlowersBilly Goat Force Blowers
It's time to clean up with Billy Goat. Powerful and versatile the Billy Goat Force Blowers takes the fatigue out of work and gives you more leisure time.
Billy Goat Petrol VacsBilly Goat Petrol Vacs
Billy Goat Wheeled Petrol Vacs. Powerful suction and easy to use, Billy Goat will make sure your world is cleaned up.
Petrol Blowers and VacsPetrol Blowers and Vacs
Petrol powered Garden Blower Vacs make clearing leaves and debris a much faster and easier task. Hand held blower-vacs make awkward to tidy areas more accessible. Certain models feature both blowing and vacuum facilities, whilst others are dedicated blowers. The vacuum function is ideal for collecting wet hard to remove leaves from patios and driveways. The blower is used to collect debris and leaves into piles.
Electric Leaf Blowers and Vacs Electric Leaf Blowers and Vacs
Electric powered Garden Blower Vacs are a real aid in clearing and tidying the garden of leaves and other debris found in the garden and other outdoor spaces. Clearing paths and patio areas is made faster and easier by vacuuming up leaves from lawns and driveways.
Cordless Leaf Blowers and VacsCordless Leaf Blowers and Vacs
Blowers and vacs powered by Li-ion batteries