Wolf-Garten Garden Tools

Wolf Garten Products

At Mower Express we have a full selection of Wolf Garten hand tools and Multi-Change handles to fit over 60 differnt tool heads for your gardening needs.
Wolf Garten Multi Change HandlesWolf Garten Multi Change Handles
Wolf Garten Multi Change Handles to fit 50 Multi Change Heads. All the metal handles are made of recycled aluminium and the wooden handles are FSC certified
Wolf Garten Multi-change cultivation ToolsWolf Garten Multi-change cultivation Tools
Wolf Garten Handle Attachment range has all the tools needed to keep small garden areas in good condition. The variety of tool heads interchange with a selection of handles and lengths to make gardening so much easier and enjoyable.
Wolf-Garten Fixed Hand ToolsWolf-Garten Fixed Hand Tools
Designed with the smaller garden in mind, the Wolf-Garten fixed hand tools range is perfect for working in areas where space is limited or in densely planted flowerbeds. All tools are lightweight and comfortable to use, they are designed to put the comfort back into gardening. The 3 zone ergonomic design makes for easier handling.
Wolf Garten Lawn careWolf Garten Lawn care
Wolf Garten Lawn Care tools to look after your garden and designed to be used with your choice of interchangeable handles
Wolf Garten Cleaning and SweepingWolf Garten Cleaning and Sweeping
Wolf Garten Sweeping and Weeding tools.
Wolf Garten Multi-Change Tree CareWolf Garten Multi-Change Tree Care
Wolf Garten tree care range to keep branches in trim. There is also an excellent fruit picker to get at the awkward and high places on your fruit trees, usually where the best fruit is.
Wolf Garten Hand Pruners & SecateursWolf Garten Hand Pruners & Secateurs
The WOLF-Garten range of secateurs has precision-ground, non-stick coated blades for precision pruning and easy cleaning. They are customised and contoured to fit comfortably into different sized hands and are suitable for left or right-handed use.
Wolf Garten Shears & ScissorsWolf Garten Shears & Scissors
Wolf Garten Grass shears are a simple and easy way to look after your lawn edging and the multi-purpose scissors are suitable for flower stems as well as rope,drapery and cardboard and have been designed for left and right handed use
Wolf-Garten Gardening GlovesWolf-Garten Gardening Gloves
The Hand Protection you need for all your gardening chores.The WOLF-Garten range of gloves are specifically designed to cater for different gardening tasks. All gloves are available in different sizes with integrated pores allowing the skin to breathe.