Billy Goat KV650H Lawn and Litter Vac

Wheeled Leaf Vacuums

Wheeled Leaf Vacuums

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Please note that the Hose kit is an optional extra

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Billy Goat KV650H Lawn and Litter Vac with a Honda engine is ideal for residential or smaller commercial property use.This New Generation 69cm / 27" wide lawn and litter Vac has come a long way in Billy Goat's 40 years of continuous development.

It comes with a large 5-blade impeller which in turn ensures maximum suction and litter reduction.

The adjustable heights ensures the KV650 works eauqlly as well on your lawn as it does on hard surfaces.
One of the suprising things about this powerful and tough Vac is how easily it is manouvered, which is all down to the 12" wheels and the power of the engine.
Large collection bag of 40gallons (151ltrs)

There is an optional Hose Kit for those harder to get to places such as between shrubs, window wells and under decking.

6.5 HP Honda Engine 187 cc
12" semi-pneumatic wheels
Hard bottom collection and debris bag
Horizontal 14-gauge steel housing
5-bladed 1/4" steel impeller
27" high density polyethylene
4 position height adjustment from handle

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Price:1,199.99 (FREE Delivery* and includes VAT at 20%)