Billy Goat F601V Force Blower Vanguard

Wheeled Force Blowers

Wheeled Force Blowers

Ref: BG101

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Billy Goat Force blowers are the future. Years in the making, testing and proving its predecessor has now given way to the real thing.
The selection of Billy Goats you will find here are made of composite plastic which makes everything so much lighter without losing its power and with the added benefit that it will not rust.

No more steel corners to produce turbulence, the Billy Goat F601V, with its composite housing and fan, is quieter and in turn produces less noise pollution. This makes it ideal for residential properties with a small to medium sized garden area and pathways.

The Vanguard 205cc engine produces a steady and smooth powerful airflow which can be directed from the handles to the Aim N Shoot patented nozzle.
There is an optional 10ft / 3m hose kit for the harder to reach spots.

The handles are padded to give you extra comfort.
1 year warranty included.

* Engine: Vanguard 205cc
* Velocity: about 200mph / 320kmh
* Fan: 16" / 40.6cm 16-blade
* Discharge: 3.5" / 9cm
* Weight: 76lb / 35kg
* Length: 43.5" / 111cm
* Width: 22" / 56cm
* Height: 45" / 114cm

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Price:749.99 (FREE Delivery* and includes VAT at 20%)